Bring your concepts to life. Get hold of the best creative minds to find modern solutions to your old problems.

Silently High

Our flagship concept, try something new for your next festival, event or party. Forged in Berlin and refined over 2 years and 15+ events, this is a Silent-Disco with a twist.

Mixing and DJ performance

Don't just book a DJ, book an entertainer. Our shows and mixes are one part performance art and two parts playful.

Music and Video Production

We produce custom videos and musical scores for a variety of clients, for promotion and performance purposes.

Creative and Artistic Consultation

Stuck for the ideas on your next advertising campaign? Need inflight entertainment solutions? Want to know what the most creative minds in the world have to say about your particular problem? Just ask us.

Education and Team-Building

We offer a range of workshops from established professionals across a number of disciplines. Learn from one of the most creative industries in the world.

Project Management

Have an idea too big for one person to handle? Enlist the help of a team of professional project managers and get the result you want.


Extra Realistic Productions wants to redefine how we are entertained. We want to educate and inoculate the world with fresh ideas, original concepts and new ways to experience art. From creative consultation to music production all the way to affiliate marketing and traditional advertising our hands on approach will bring you closer to realising your ideas, just like we have realised ours.

Heres what we've done

Teaching and Workshops, Live Performance Art projects, TV adverts, Creative Consultation, Video & Music Production as well as Event Organisation. We have our hands in a lot of tasty creative pies. We want to now what your cooking!

Here's how we do it

Experimentation is key in developing something new. We are exploring revolutionary entertainment platforms using technology to innovate and create. We want to connect people with each other in their everyday environments, creating experiences which are remembered not for their pomp and opulence, but for their honesty and appeal.


We know theres something we can do to help. Just send us an email and let us know what that is.
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