Making a living in the modern world


We have to use every trick in the book to make an independent living in todays world. You either work a job for someone else, or you make it on your own. When your making it on your own, you’re still working a job for someone else. Those are the people that pay your bills.

They are everywhere. They work in make-up and clothes shops, offices, banks and consultancies, sometimes they even work at a supermarket. They all are responsible for our incomes. We are responsible for theirs. They buy, we sell. We buy, they Sell.

You’ll forgive me if I feel a little fucked at this early point of the conversation.

You see, the days of making it on your own are dead and gone. You need others to survive. It’s truly beautiful in a way, that we rely on each other so heavily to make it in this modern economy.

What’s the exchange rate on favours these days?

Our interconnectedness is our greatest asset. We can use this to create the most groundbreaking concepts and movements. We can redefine how a generation is entertained. We can summon the power of 10 men, who each have the power of 10 men. We can decide as a group to meet up at a location in mere moments. This level of fluidity of communication and organisation has never been experienced by a previous generation. We have all plugged in. We are all in it together now.

We need each other to survive. And thats what we aim to do. Help each other to make it work, no matter what it is.


About the author: Cam Ó Murchú

A man from West Cork, Whelped in Dublin, Released on Amsterdam, Grounded in Prague, Grown in Berlin and Settled in Helsinki. Cam Ó Murchú writes in the third person to sound important. He fails miserably at this task and instead cycles his bike to circus practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the hopes of becoming a full time circus performer.

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