Mixing and DJ Performance

We work closely with a number of international DJ’s for both live acts and building customised mixes for your events. No matter what genre of music, we know an artist to suit your tastes.

Extra Realistic Productions have had their hands in three separate European Juggling Conventions:

  • EJC-2014, Millstreet, Ireland – Extra Realistic Productions organised the entire music programe for this event, from renting sound equipment, sourcing quality local acts and hiring the technical staff needed to set everything up and make sure it ran smoothly. This was a birth by fire and we did such a good job, they asked us back the following year.
  • EJC-2015, Bruneck, Italy – Extra Realistic Productions launched the premier performance of DJ’s Up-Hi, a collaboration project between DJ Up-start and D.i.hi
  • EJC-2016, Almere, Netherlands – Back once again to play their signiture selection of Ghetto Funk and Trap, Up-Hi headlined two different nights at the festivals main music tent.

We have organised Live music at the Closing Party of EyeCandy – a Candy Collective presentation which ran in Theatre Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.



Our DJ acts don’t just play music, they perform. Inspired by real life events, we’ve learnt that a touch of drama on stage can really add depth to a musical performance and get people talking about your show long after the event. Why separate theatre and live music?

We have some groundbreaking live music performance concepts which we would like to try out at your event. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Here are some other ideas

  • Have you ever thought of creating a personalised radio podcast for your company or event?
  • Want a novel way to make an announcement or run a promotion? How about a themed mix?
  • Are you bored of letting a youtube playlist have all the fun?
  • Would  you like us to create a custom DJ set for your event or website?

Is there an idea brewing in your head that you want to talk to us about?

Then take the first easy step and send us an email. We will look after the rest.