Silently High – Subliminal messaging, Modern Performance, Social Experiment and Party

Take our pilot project “Silently High”. We bring together 3 worlds to create one unique experience. Social Media, Music production and Performance arts fuse to create a completely unique, novel and unforgettable shared experience.

It’s a concept so simple it can be defined in 5 Steps:

  1. Submit a song
  2. Download the Mix Tape to your portable music device
  3. Meet at the location
  4. Press play
  5. Party

This project evolved to solve some pretty complex modern problems. Noise complaints are the number one reason parties get shut down. In crowded modern societies, we all live very close to each other. One persons party can quickly turn into your neighbor’s pain.

With Silent Disco, you annoy no one, break no noise curfews and incur no judiciary wrath.

Listen – Silently High Guerilla Silent Disco

How does it work?

  • It all starts with a Facebook group of your friends, colleagues or guests.
  • Participants are asked to select a song for submission, and submissions can be based on a theme. Participating is as easy as copying and pasting a youtube link. If your stuck with ideas for a theme, we have plenty of them which we can customise just for you!
  • When the submissions are closed, Extra Realistic Productions then works its magic, creating your own custom DJ mix, complete with surprises!
  • The day before the event, the mix is released for download. Participants put the file on their music device
  • After that, everybody meets up at the location, at the decided time. There is then a brief explanation of what to expect, followed by a countdown.
  • Everybody then hits play together at the same time so the group is synchronised.

What happens next is magic, and has to be experienced in person to truly feel what we talk about.

Why Silently High works

We all like to feel part of something. Silently High bonds participants through a shared experience. Submitting your song a week in advance, downloading the exclusive Mixtape the day before the event, meeting up with friends at a location, the countdown, the suspense, the surprise of whats in store. All of it creates a multifaceted experience which many modern performances lack.

The subliminal suggestions can be ignored or followed. Surprises can and do follow. How do we know we all have the same voice talking in our head?

The scope of Silently High is truly outstanding, we are only just scratching the surface of whats possible with this medium. If you want to take part and have us appear at your event, festival or party, please get in touch!

We have some crazy ideas we would like to share with you to get people talking about your event before and after!

For more details on the history, motivations and concepts behind this project, we have a blog post which goes into further details:


For more information check out our face book page: